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2-day cruise to KielJul 31, 2017

A weekend vacation to Kiel, Germany and back to Norway with family.
On a pretty short notice last week I decided to join my father, step mother etc. on a trip to Kiel when they asked if I wanted to. And I am so happy I did too, because it was an amazing trip!
We left early Friday morning to Oslo by car, to get there in good time for the ship leaving at 2pm.
I had not been sleeping much the night before really, being busy with all the personal care I wanted done before going there, like hair removal, skin care, hair wash, nail polish, and then all the packing I'll say I Was pretty tired a lot of this day but went well anyway.
We got on the ship, found our cabins and place (I was sharing a room with my step broher), and we where waiting for the ship to leave Oslo so the stores would open.
We started with going out exploring the boat a bit, looking for a place to eat first as our dinner wasn't before 8pm this day. We found a place on the sun deck indoors serving some fastfood.
After eating we tried going out on the sun deck for a bit, was a lot more windy than expected, had to quickly hold my skirt down walking there as the wind was pulling it up! Did get a hold of it though before any embarassing situation.
After that we went back in and down to our cabins to rest a bit from the food, and waiting for the tax free to open, then going out to buy something to drink. I brought back a Jeger, some white and red wine, cider and smirnoff.
Me and my step brother was just hanging out at the cabin drinking and relaxing for a while then, and eventually went out to do some more browsing and stuff.
Eventually it was time for dinner at 8pm. More food and more red wine was consumed then.
A pretty girl where playing the piano close to our table with some pretty classical music. She had a tip glass on the piano so upon leaving I wanted to leave a tip for her as I really liked her music.
After the dinner we went shopping again, and I found my new favorite dress and cardigan to wear (seen in one of my instagram photos from this day).
Going back to the cabin to try it out though, and continuing drinking more wine and stuff.
Want to relax a bit then, throwing the clothes off under the duvet, as a nudist I am most comfortable naked usually (My step brother knows though and don't really mind).
After a while I wanted to check out a new purse again though, I remembered seeing some nice ones somewhere, and I have been wanting a new one for a while.
I get dressed in my new favorite dress and head out again to browse some purses. And I find my new favorite purse as well, a Liebeskind Berlin. And I brought a necklace with it.
Then again going back to the cabin to relax and drink some more, undressing again as usual.
As time passes midnight and gets closer to 2am I want to see if I can find that night club disco I've been hearing about. So I head out again, in my new dress, and now my new purse. Start going all over the ship looking for that place, but nowhere to find.
After a while I end up on the sun deck again, a windy place and just decide to head forward and see what I find. And there it is, another door, with another set of stairs I couldn't find before, heading to deck 14 and I found the disco!
Getting some drinks there too, and ending up dancing with a Indian Guy for a while and talking a bit. As I saw it was starting to go somewhere I eventually told him that I was trans, which surprised him a bit but did not completely turn him away.
He asked to go somewhere else to talk though as the music was really loud there, so we headed outside for a bit as he wanted a smoke, and we talked for a bit. He got pretty interested in trying to have sex with me, but we didn't really have a place to go to.
We then headed back inside and looked for a public restroom to use instead, first we found someone was busy cleaning so he asked her if he could use the other toilet (womens on the other side).
She quickly asked "You?!" since he was a man of course, in which he responded with; "No, her-", then she just went "Oh, sure". :D
We went to the other side to the womens restroom though, already cleaned out and in the middle of the night no traffic.
We found a cubicle where I started with trying to suck his dick, it was huge for me though, chocked on it several times so it was not easy to suck for me.
He said I was great though and I could taste his precum as well, neither of us actually came though but we had fun for about an hour almost. Difficulties getting in the right setting/mood maybe.
He was also playing with my hard dick while I was sucking him, sitting on my knees completely naked. And he tried to fuck my butt for a bit too, with my head banging against the door. xD
We eventually called it a night there though, was getting tired both my knees and my jaw by then. Check the bathroom just to see if nobody else is in there, and leave quietly, afaik, nobody saw or heard us.
He was going to leave the boat in Germany to continue his vacation there, I told him of this website when he asked for contact so maybe he'll show up here.
I went back to the cabin, looking like a mess with a red face and all walking in the door, and my step brother is sitting there, 4 in the morning now! I just told him pretty much everything though, he had a good laugh. xD
And I poured me the last glass of my wine, and soon went to sleep, naked as usual. :3
Wake up again around 8am, time for breakfast. Head on to the same place as the dinner, again with the whole family. Having a pretty decent hangover as well now.
Sitting there I'm just thinking of how normal everything seems though, like after all that happened last night in the womans restroom and all, it was a strange feeling.
We get to 10am and the boat arrived in Kiel, and stays for 4 hours so those who want can leave and visit for a bit. Me and my step brother didn't leave the boat though as the weather was shit and we'd rather rest a bit more. Still having a pretty bad hangover.
Again chilling in the cabin naked, was getting pretty comfy with the whole naked thing now, I thread carefully to see what I can get away with.
Eventually fall asleep again though, both of us, and we're waked around 2pm when the others come back on the boat. They were planning on going to the bathing area of the boat, and I had said I'd like to try that out too.
Still feeling a bit off from either the alcohol, food or sex, I'm not sure yet, but I put on my blue bikini and my dress above it and head out with my father and little half sister.
The bathing area is completely full and there's even a line outside of people waiting to come in. When it's our turn I'm just waiting to see which direction the clerk will send me, female to left, male to right.
And he sends me left :D, I didn't say anything to that of course, or ask anything in any regard. I was wearing no makeup, I had just woken up and thrown on my dress.
Getting into the womens locker room I was shaking from nervousness having no idea how this would turn out. Being clocked by face, body or genitalia etc., I already had the bikini on when going in though and showers where in cubicles too so that was fine, but there was still a small bulge in front of me.
I could through this time though without scaring anyone or being thrown out, went into the bathing area after the shower, and checked out the facilites. No many choices though but enough to try out the bikini. I hadn't taken a public bath like this since years before my transition even.
I got no looks from anyone that I noticed, I enjoyed a hot tub and a water stream/current pool, with way to many kids in really but went well too!
After an hour it was going back out to shower off, which went fine, keeping the bikini on going out of the shower and into the changing area, and wiping myself dry, waiting with the bikini to last.
This was what I was getting most nervous about, especially since the locker room was a lot more crowded now. I removed the top first to wipe that, then the bottom, facing my locker, and carefully covering with my towel while wiping.
Then keeping the towel around me while putting the dress on. After I got that on I was pretty safe, but I did forget to bring panties with me so I had to go naked under that thin dress back to the cabin still.
Getting back to my cabin I took another shower to clean of better, then chilling in the cabin naked a bit while the hair dries.
Time is closing in on 5pm now and it's time for our dinner, same as yesterday just earlier now.
I didn't eat very well this time around though, I was still feeling pretty sick and I (still don't) think that was because the alcohol, as I wasn't hangover anymore but just a upset stomach.
After dinner, around 9pm I went for my last tax free shopping though, getting a bunch of candy and more alcohol, brought some Underberg (herbal alcohol stuff) to see if those could fix my stomach a bit too.
I had the drink and it tasted absolutely awful at first but it did feel like it had a healing effect on my stomach afterwards, or it's placebo, either way I got better.
And around 10pm I started getting my appetite back again, so we went for a resurant with a takeaway pizza and brought 2 of those back to our cabin. Saved a few slices for breakfast as well.
I fell asleep around midnight for a bit, sleeping until almost 2am when m step brother wakes me (as requested by me). We were going to check out that disco again.
Well he heads out to smoke and stuff, I start heading to the disco, eventually find the path again. I notice though at the entrace this time that it's a 20 years age limit which he's right below so he might not get in..
I get a Sex on the Beach in the bar though and head down just outside the dance area, and another Indian guy asks to dance with me, the most handsome guy ever btw but I didn't plan on sex this night.
We kept on dancing for a while though, eventually finding a place to sit, drink and talk for a bit. It was getting quiet on the dance floor anyway, as compared to the other day.
Two other guys showed up too, interesting guys, Norwegians. They sat down at our table and started chatting as well.
Eventually the question about what I do for a living came up too, at which I hesitated for a bit to say but went with it, camgirl/sex worker etc., at which of course they where surprised and curious because that's not something people expect to hear.
A few questions where asked though that I didn't mind to answer, and suddenly one of them had one comment that I really liked to hear but still wanted to correct him on so I did that too.
What he said was in a humorus way; It's interesting you can earn money on showing your body on the internet because you're born with boobs and a vagina. :D
Again I just hesitated for a brief moment before I said, b-but I wasn't, I'm trans. That seem to have caught him a bit off guard there, as he didn't even know how to respond for a second.
He said; Wait what, what where you born as?, In which I reponded a boy and the usual stuff about hormones and transition.
They are aware of trans people but have never met any in real life, all they know is from a norwegian tv show called 'born in the wrong body'.
Well we had a long chat there and eventually the disco was closing so time to leave, they said they'd throw a little nach (after party) in their cabin though and said more could come.
So a group of people, mostly guys, then me and another girl went with them to drink and chat some more. Most of the other guys joining in where getting really drunk though so they guys I was talking wit earlier soon called the nach off, though I stayed a bit longer to just talk.
Someone else knocked on the door though and I opened for them, someone was asking if that's where it was nach, but as that was called off we said no to that then. Their response was; Meh, come lets go, they're gonna have sex xD
Well I closed the door and went back to talk a bit more before leaving but it was getting morning and the ship goes in land at 10am so it was time to go as the clock passed 5am.
Going back to my cabin I find my step brother sitting there again, similar look as last night when I came back around the same hour after sex. x)
Told him nothing really happened this night though, and he said I didn't try go into the disco when he saw the sign say 20 years+ only.
Well get naked again, completely comfortable like that by now, and head under the duvet again, watching tv for a while, drinking and snacking a bit. Eventually falling asleep again around 7am.
Woke up at like 9:30am and we are to leave the boat in half an hour, and we haven't even begun packing yet! Damn that was a rush, speed packing everything, getting the trash out, grabbing some leftover pizza to eat, and ready to leave at 10am.
Drive home, unpack half the stuff and take an 8 hour nap xD

That was pretty much my trip to Kiel this weekend, hope you enjoyed reading <3, and I hope the english wasn't to bad, I didn't re-read and correct this after x)
blog-1-cruise-trip ~/blogs

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