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Urine testOct 11, 2017

Starting my 3 months urine drug testing every other week, necessary to get into official treatment for trans people in Norway because of my past drug (weed) use.
I went into the doctors office to setup and take the first test, as my expectations she mention that this test is techically a observed test as well, but she ended that sentence with a "but..".
She then says well lets take the first test now then shall we, leading me to the bathroom in this locale, as I walk in she simply points to the wall next to me, there you got the cups, and then says, I'll leave you to do your stuff here~, and exits.
To my disappointment, I really wanted to experience this intimidating feeling of being observed peeing, in that setting and situation, though I don't know how it would have played out either if she did, would it be easier or more difficult to pee, would my exhibitionism give me an erection etc..

It took me ages to start peeing in there though, or at least what it felt like, even though I had to pee the whole way there, until i sat down on that toilet (wonder how that would have been different if she did watch).
After a while it got pretty frustrating, it simply wouldn't open up, concentrating, counting tiles, watching the ceiling, bending forward, nothing worked, even putting the sink on for the sound, still nada.
Eventually I figured to get any pee out I don't really have any other option but to drink more water, using the cup I fill a pint into it and drink it, sudden feeling that I get closer to peeing, but still far from, I continue drinking the water, few more pints down and eventually it flows :D.

Breaking the stream sudden after to start filling the cup, still hard to open again but managed, and the cup is finally filling up, stopping about half way up and empty the rest into the toilet, goes so easy now once I first got it open.
Now flushing the toilet and washing my hands, then another awkward part comes, carrying that cup of pee out the bathroom through a corridor to find some people in the lab to give it to. The cup was just a normal plastic drinking cup, no cover on.
Luckily corridor is empty and no urine spilling happened, and I find a lab girl to hand over the cup of urine and declare name on to send for testing. Hopefully that comes back clean though x)

Now next time there will be no appointment, I just drop in every other week for a test, even how frustrating this was at least I think i know the trick now to get it going if it won't - drink more water :p
Still curious about next time if that will be a monitored test or not (I do kinda hope so for some reason), and if it is, will I be able to pee with them watching?
Maybe it would be easier to pee if I stripped naked first, since I feel more comfortable nude than with clothes, interesting thought that hit me after, since I almost never use the toilet while wearing clothes anyway x)
~Till next time

Thanks for reading;
Amalie <3
blog-2-urine-test ~/blogs

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