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Nipple piercings May Friday 11th

Whole day before be considering to cancel or not to cancel out of anxiousness, but I also wanted it really badly.
At the last minute before cancellation time (24hr) I decided, nope, I'm gonna do this, at least I'll go there and see.

Me and BF is driving an almost 2 hour drive to this Piercing shop I found, most professional place i could find anywhere close to me, didn't want a whack job when piercing my nipples to not taking chances.
Anxious and excited all the way to the piercing place, long drive and just made within 10 minutes of appointment.
Have a smoke outside the door to calm a bit before stepping in on the minute. Met with a sign inside, no shoes allowed, so take them off and walk up to the receptionist.
Asks if I'm there for the piercing appointment, say I am, he gives me a paper to sign, personal detail and what piercing I want where.
Get the paper signed he tells us to sit down a bit and he'll be ready in a minute.
Waiting there, heart rate increasing now, it's getting close, papers are signed and I'll be in that room in less than a minute!

He walks into the room, does some preparations, washing hands, sterilizing, gloves etc., then he tells me I can come in.
Eagerly and nervous get up, walk into the room with a chair that folds down like a table.
Get undressed, well of whatever little clothes I was already wearing, a cardigan, kept the panties, that was all I had on beside a jacket outside.
He asks me to step in front of him next to the chair/table, in nothing but panties, stand straight so he can wipe my nipples and mark the hole points.
I mentioning my nipples are inverted / going inward when soft, shortly interrupted with that is no problem, as he rubs the alcohol on them they point right out.
At the most anxious point now, he tells me I can lay down on the table, and I do. I see straight into the ceiling, cannot see the piercing area as I keep my head laid back.
I keep staring at the lamp in the ceiling, feel he grab my right nipple with a equipment to pinch it, tells me to take deep breaths and asks if I'm ready.


I know it's about to happen now, it'll hit in 1 second, and there it begins, a excruciating sharp pain when entering the nipple, I can do nothing but hold on to my butt with my hands, squeezing my eyes shut and screaming full out, while I'm feeling the piercing go piece by piece through my right nipple!
No way I'd be able to hold back that scream, he asks me after if I was okay, to which I say yes, you can continue.
Right nipple is sore now and he moves on to my left side, same thing, take deep breaths, stare into the light, and scream as he pierces through my left nipple, feeling it in slow motion as I can feel it go through every nanometer of it.

Feel lightheaded, but still lucid, I look down on my nipples now to see plastic tubes going through each of them.
He tells me now it's time to replace those with the actual jewlery. Now this part is gonna sting a bit (as if it hadn't already lol).

He proceed to do the left nipple, tells me again deep breaths and relax, swapping the plastic tubes with the piercing in an already sore nipple from just being pierced seemed even worse than the actual piercing.
Screaming till I'm almost losing my breath already, but he still got the worst one to go.
Finished up the left side he moves back to my right side, the nipple is sore as hell and have had time to calm a bit so it's now even more sensitive than me left one was.

And here we go, last one, With the last breath I got for screams I got 3 more out for that one, as there seemed like a little strugge to get it through as well.
Finally all is done on my nipples, barbells are inn and look fucking amazing, already love them from the first moment I saw them in, while still laying on the table.

Now it's not over yet, my body is now in some severe shock from that pain (which I'd rate a 20 on a scale of 1-10 xD), and my head isn't only going lightheaded but I'm about to black out.
He tells me right up that if I feel dizzy or lightheaded or anything at any moment, just lay back down on the table to regain, which I had to do several times before I managed to stand up straight not to mention walk.

He did give me some sugar pills as well to try prevent the blackout, took some time before they took effect as well, or that I felt I could walk again without going straight to the floor or worse.

Once I finally got up from that table I see it was completely soaked in my cold sweat from my body shock / passing out in just my underwear and fresh nipple piercings.
He got the card reader for payment while I got dressed, and keep getting more lucid again.
He asks if I feel ready to walk, I say I think so, it's clearing up at least, and pay for the job.
I walk out to my BF that was waiting in the other room, asking if I was okay as well, I respond yes, and curious to how much he heard from behind that closed door; Well my screams where at least heard through the whole locale there.

Checking out my boobs with piercings in the mirror in the hall there before we get our shoes and head back outside, walk around the corner to the car and decide on having a smoke after, I got halfway through it until I had to lay down in the back seat of the car for a bit as I started passing out again, eyes where going black, sound fading.

Not long after I regained enough to move to the front seat and we where heading home, another 2 hours drive back.
Was going well for a little while then it began again, blacking out, had to put the seat all the way down to lay almost flat while my BF was driving. Guess it was good he was driving and not me, for the next hour almost I was almost just seeing nothing but super white bright light everywhere around me, trees, cars, sky, merging together into whiteness.

Once my body shock was mostly over and we where soon home the nipples became super sensitive and sore again, feeling the trauma that happened to them then.
Still nothing compared to the actual piercing, kinda felt good feeling something in them again, knowing nerves are working.

On the 6th day now since it happened and healing is going really well, it has yet to been inflamed, infected, bleeding, crusting or other thing, seem to be healing right and the job was done perfectly!
I love them, and I wouldn't hesitate a second to have it done again, regardless of the excruciating pain involved.

Hope they continue to heal well, and stay in place! Thanks for reading, sorry for mistakes, kinda written on the fly x)

blog-3-piercing-nipple ~/blogs

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