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My IP Cam
This is my independed cam (unscheduled), only being streamed to this website!
It may use it for anything, including sleeping/eating/watching stuff/procrastinating etc. x)

The chat was mainly used for this stream but is available all over my website, here's a few useful commands:

/pm nick message to send someone a private message.
(You can use the mouse to click on names and pm tags in the chat, click your name on top to change it and more settings).

Also Tips and Gifts are of course always appreciated <3
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Player :: VideoJS HLS / Flash / HTML5
Format :: RTMP / HLS / DASH
Video Codec :: h264
Audio Codec :: AAC
Server :: OBS / NGINX / RTMP

Stream URI :: rtmp://amaliestar.com/live/cam
Last Broadcast :: 1 week ago

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Streaming Service

If you have a general understanding of linux and analyzing/editing config files and html code you can obtain your very own streaming service as well, a compilation of code and configs by me(twily aka analie aka amaliestar), using software like nginx with rtmp module.

Link to install script, this will install the necessary software in your folder of choice (on linux!) without the need of root access.
Script will also download custom config files and html document that contain everything you need, all is needed is to edit the details a bit.

Link to download: https://twily.info/stuff/twily-stream-service

Everything in there is free of charge, but if you find this software useful all donations are appreciated! My PP e-mail is amaliestar@live.no :)

(E-mail may arrive in junk folder).